HWT new corporate wardrobe

Harvey World Travel is proud to unveil their new corporate wardrobe which are 97% made in Australia.
Managing Director of Harvey World Travel, David Rivers, says the new look, with its functional and timeless attributes, reflect the vision of the group as it moves forward in 2010 and beyond.
“The new uniform is part of our overall scheme, focusing on improvements, expansion and adapting to the constant changes in our industry,” says David.
“The new look ties in with the refurbishments we are carrying out in all of the Harvey World Travel shops around the country,” says David.
“It is important for us to support locally made products and the Daniel Lightfoot Studio has done a remarkable job in making sure that brief was met as closely as possible.”
Executive Director of Daniel Lightfoot Studio, Daniel Lightfoot, has been working in the Australian corporate wear business designing corporate wardrobes for more than 25 years. He uses his philosophy of “good fabric, good fit, great finish” when designing Harvey World Travel’s new uniforms.
“The uniforms, apart from the scarves and ties imported from Italy, are designed and made locally in Australia using new-age micro-fibre for easy wash and wear,” says Daniel.
“The drip dry garments have been specially designed to offer functionality and options that flatter all shapes and sizes.”
Working closely with Daniel on the project was Tina Hunt from Harvey World Travel Tarralgon. Tina was in charge of the HWT Uniform Committee.
“We wanted a smarter and more corporate look whilst keeping the comfort factor in the fabric and cuts,” says Tina.
“Our new look includes jackets, stylish scarves and ties and pants and skirts with various waist cuts.”
“The uniforms look fantastic and I believe the new corpoarte wardrobe will provide a boost for morale for agents and other staff members as we move full steam ahead in 2010,” says Tina.